Hardwood Floor refinishing are being used from years to give elegance and class to houses. These type of floors are proving very durable and strong and do not have any kind of dangerous element in them that can harm people’s health. There was a time when people were used to prefer simple concrete, carpet or tiles for their floors but know they know the real important of wood floors. These types of floors can keep their shine for a very long time if you are being careful with them. These floors do not need any tough cleaning, if you are doing regular moping with just water, it is best. Being careful means that no furniture pushing from one place to another keep them clean from dirt and dust and avoid dropping hard things if you want to protect them from breaking, scratch and patches.

There are different kinds of wood floors for people to choose from this article will tell you about these types.


Solid hard wood floor are being made by single piece of timber. The benefit of this kind of hard flooring is that they can be sanding and finished more times than any other type of wood flooring and that is the reason they are durable of them all. There are many old buildings in the world where this type of wood has been used and is still intact.


This type of flooring is made of two or more layers of wood in the shape of planks. The upper layer also known as lamella is the one which people see and it gets attached to the core. The best thing about this is that it can be installed over any kind of sub-flooring. This is the mostly used type of flooring in all over the world.

Dry solid-sawn

To make this type of flooring, manufacturer do not heat the wood to dry the moisture from it, instead they let it dry on its own regard. After it gets dry, they sawed it just like solid flooring.

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